Story organisational processes: 1. How to gain experience in business processes?

How can you gain experience in business processes? In many cases a consultancy company is hired by a SME. It is difficult to bring an intern with you in the analytic talks and interviews.

Together with iDeeds , Waregema team of enthusiastic professionals who bridge the gap between business and IT РNetwork Economy worked out an educational plan.

  1. Semester 3:
    1. Concepts of Enterprise Architecture
    2. Micro exercise “the pizza man”
    3. Mini exercise “benchmark Howest versus MMU”
    4. Midi excercise “Picanol processes”
  2. Semester 4:
    1. Prepare the datawarehouse
    2. Visualise the data towards a management dashboard

The win-win is an educational program that iDeeds can use for juniors, starting in Business & IT. Network Economy students have the change for real-life practise.